I'm proud to be a host of The Pinhole Podcast, part of the Pdexposures network. Every month, I team with four other pinhole photographers and share camera reviews, shooting tips, recent projects and everything else related to lensless photography. Connect with The Pinhole Podcast on Facebook and Twitter.

If you'd like to know more about my friends and fellow hosts visit:

Herschel: Square Peg Pinhole  Jeff: JSodPhotography 

Alex: Pinholista  Shelly: Shelly Sometimes

The Pinhole Podcast:

Episode 1: Introductions

Episode 2: Paper, Film and Digital

Episode 3: Obscura Book in Berlin

Intermission: Pinhole Day

WPPD Intermission: WPPD in Amsterdam

Episode 4: Answering Your Questions

Episode 5: Pinhole Heroes

Intermission: A Chat with Amanda

Episode 6: Chris Keeney

Episode 7: Books