Success! IR Pinhole Improvement by Jana Uyeda

bob rigby_110-edit

Barn at Nisqually Wildlife RefugeIf you've been following my blog then you've probably wondered - where the heck did she go?

Apologies. I'm doing my best to get back on track. Here's an IR pinhole sheet from my trip to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge a few weeks ago. My first few sheets were awful and plagued with sun flares. This is much better.


Update: Some infrared 4x5 improvements by Jana Uyeda

After my first attempt at 4x5 infrared pinhole shots I made a few changes. I removed then re-glued the filter mount in the camera, making sure to keep the glue on the outside of the filter so it laid flat against the wood. The glue was causing some issues with light leaks and strange light reflections so I was hoping to eliminate these. When the camera was ready, I headed out to expose a few sheets of film. I looked for bright, sunny 16 conditions before setting up the tripod and taking the shot. Then I made sure to reverse my dark slides on the film holders after exposing a frame to prevent unintentional double exposures. When I came home to develop the sheets I made sure to stand develop only two sheets at a time. I saw some nice improvements.

Seattle IR cityscape

arboretum sakura

I was getting the white trees and dark skies that I wanted but there was some odd light flare on the bottom right of each frame and it was consistent across the four sheets I exposed. I used some black gaffer's tape and taped up the edge inside the filter mount where the metal and glass connected. The glue was also covered.

I went out on the last sunny afternoon we've had in the PNW and exposed another two sheets of IR. I think I may finally have the camera properly setup for infrared film. Now it's just a matter of sunshine, not an easy thing when I live in Seattle.

third attempt - IR trees

I'll be sure to update the blog once the sunny weather returns. How are your experiments coming along? Got any plans for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day?

That tree in the Hoh Rainforest by Jana Uyeda

In November 2012 my friends Jeff and Yani and I took a day trip out to the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park. It's a gorgeous, dense green and mossy forest with some beautiful old trees and I shared some images on previous posts - The emerald in my emerald city and Walking through the Hoh Rainforest. I had a chance to scan my 35mm film from that day trip and my favorites are of that tree in the Hoh Rainforest. That one tree: dripping in emerald moss, decorated with orange and red autumn leaves and soaring over my head, left quite the impression on me. It was so huge and towering and full of waving mossy branches that I didn't know where to begin snapping pictures. I felt like it was a staging for some magical HBO special. The following photos were taken with my Nikon F3HP with Fuji Pro00H film.

Enjoy and mahalo for stopping by! Happy shooting.




More autumn colors on expired film by Jana Uyeda

Just a quick post today as it's been a busy start to the week. I had these scanned in and just couldn't wait to share the following images. These are also from the roll of expired Fuji Sensia 100 that started with the shattered filter which I posted about yesterday. Most of these were shot after I removed the broken filter, but the expired film combined with the amazing colors of fall created something really special. Enjoy!

Quick post: Point Defiance with my Rollei by Jana Uyeda

Just a quick post as I literally fly out the door to meet with friends and capture more of fall's colour on film. Last week I went to Point Defiance Park, supposedly for a Light Stalking meetup, and took some pictures on Velvia 100. Bless you slide film, I love you!