Holiday Carousel 2016 by Jana Uyeda

Every year I take a pinhole of the carousel at Westlake Center in downtown Seattle. 

The last few weeks of 2016 were a bit chaotic with work and last minute holiday shopping but I did manage a quick trip to the carousel with my Ondu 6x9 camera and some Kodak Portra 160. If you want to take a look at previous years you can click this link.

Shooting the P6*6 pinhole in the Japanese Garden by Jana Uyeda

Todd Schlemmer, creator of the P6*6 3D printed pinhole camera which I've written about earlier, is also the organizer of a local pinhole meetup group in Seattle. Todd hosts regular photo strolls and it's a pleasure to have the opportunity to connect with him and other passionate pinhole photographers. If you're in the Seattle area be sure to check out the Seattle Camera Obscura Photography EnthusiastS

If you're curious about 3D printed cameras you can buy Todd's full P6*6 kit on Etsy or at this Tindie shop. You can also download the P6*6 instructions at Thingiverse

I bring up the Meetup because I attended a recent gathering and had 6 frames left in a roll of Kodak Portra 160 so I headed to the Japanese Gardens the next day. My go-to medium format C-41 film is usually Kodak Ektar but recently I've been feeling the red tones are too intense so I'm experimenting with Kodak Portra 160. I like the results so far.

Anamorphic UW by Jana Uyeda

I took a morning stroll through the University of Washington with my anamorphic pinhole camera and a few rolls of Kodak Ektar. After some serious light leaks and issues from my Hawaii rolls I wrapped the top of the pinhole with gaffers tape and took extra care to make sure no light got into the box.

The light leaks have disappeared but color, whether C-41 or E6, seems to be an issue with this camera. It may be that the light drops too dramatically and causes the color shifts seen in the first few frames below. The next few were converted to b&w in Photoshop. Black and white film may be my best option in this camera.