Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria by Jana Uyeda

It took seven months to get my images developed from Pinhole Day in Barcelona.

Part of my delay was the old Macbook Pro I had. It was nearly six years old and the touchpad was so warped it barely responded to my gestures which made editing images challenging. The other reason for my delay was that I lost my mojo. If I'm honest I still haven't gotten it back but I'm working on it and expect to update my blog regularly in 2017.

Here are some photos taken with my Canonet QL17 at La Boqueria, Barcelona. It's a large outdoor market with meats, fruits and cheeses. Enjoy!

A few shots from the Rolleiflex (before it goes for repairs) by Jana Uyeda

Over the Christmas holiday I shot a number of rolls through my Rolleiflex 2.8D but when I got the film back I realized my favorite camera was skipping 4-5 frames per roll! That's a huge loss, especially with the current price of Kodak films. 

I did a little research to make sure I was loading the film correctly then went out to shoot another two rolls. I shot Ilford HP5+ so I could quickly develop the rolls at home to inspect them and unfortunately I had the same issues. After some discussion with friends (Thank you Shelly) I have decided to send the camera to Dave Easterwood at Dave's Camera Repair in Chelsea, MI. The camera has been with me for several years and I never had it CLA'd so I feel the time has come to send it out for some love and care. 

It may be awhile before I have my camera back so until then, here are some images from the two rolls I shot. These were taken around the University of Washington on a lovely afternoon stroll. 

Bishop Museum Through a Yashica-mat by Jana Uyeda

Big news! I finally purchased a replacement Epson V700!

So why am I not anxiously scanning the rolls upon rolls of unscanned film that have been collecting on my shelf? Well, my weekend project connecting the scanner has grown into a month-long project to re-arrange my office space and living room. I've been buying small bookcases and storage units in every kind of color over the past few years so my home looks a bit mismatched. The Salvation Army will be here in a few weeks to pickup the large desk and other pieces of furniture and I look forward to cleaning out the cobwebs. I am also spending too much time considering new shelving units to properly display my camera collection. 

While this project continues I wanted to share this image of Polynesian clothing taken at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii with my Yashica-mat. Visitors can take down the various outfits, try them on and take pictures of themselves. It's located in Pacific Hall, a newly renovated gallery space dedicated to ancient forms of navigation and the culture of Oceania. Great place and glad to see Bishop Museum get a much-deserved facelift.

New life with Impossible by Jana Uyeda

I got an Impossible Instant Lab. 

I wasn't quite sure what I'd do with it and after the first few printed frames I felt a bit like it was cheating. The prints came out perfectly and I was able to make some edits to the digital image before printing it out in the lab which felt even more like cheating. Then my friend Shelly told me about her thoughts on the Impossible Lab and I started thinking about it differently which lead me to some new considerations.

Instead of just printing out images I decided to try making multiple frame print outs of panoramic shots. Specifically, I wanted to print my anamorphic pinhole work in 2-3 frames with the hopes that the added frames would add a new dynamic to the final image. After a few trial and error attempts I arrived at the following two printed images. What do you think?