Glamping with Pugs by Jana Uyeda

Every once in awhile I like to get out of the city by myself and enjoy some peace and quiet in the woods. Initially I spent these vacations in cramped hotel rooms but I have recently begun using alternative booking services which let me rent pet-friendly homes in gorgeous locations.

During the recent Presidents Day weekend I decided to stay in my first Glamping with Pets cabin near Bellingham. The hosts were very sweet and did everything to ensure I had a restful stay, even checking to make sure the refrigerator was fixed, the chandelier lights were on and turning on the heater before my arrival. After a quick 2 hour drive from home I arrived at the cabin in La Conner and took a quick tour of the property.

The cabin was charming and very easy to identify since it looked just like the image from the online listing. I was a bit confused about parking but found the gravel spot just in front of the house on my second pass. 

I got Tyrion out of the car and he immediately wandered about sniffing picnic tables and weaving amongst the trees and piles of leaves. The area wasn't fenced in but Tyrion isn't a runner so we just walked along enjoying the quiet and breathing in the cool winter air. Towards the other end of the property we found a fire pit and several chairs, but it was getting cold and I wanted to get indoors.

Inside the cabin I found a fully furnished living room, kitchen and bedroom upstairs. The host had turned on the space heater and provided an ax for me to chop wood for the stove. Tyrion immediately located the sofa and burrowed into the wool blankets while I started preparing dinner and connected the wifi to my phone.

There is a TV and a stereo system but I opted to stream music only and unpacked my things in the attached bathroom and upstairs bedroom. The bathroom is fully functional, not an outhouse, and there is also a washer and dryer. The bedroom upstairs is accessed by a ladder and had one queen bed and a twin bed against the window. A second space heater was placed upstairs so I turned that on, dropped off my luggage and went back down to the first floor.

I spent the evening reading, listening to music and looking up places of interest in the surrounding area. Most of my previous trips to La Conner centered on the Tulip Festival so I was already familiar with the area and shops.  Tyrion spent the evening snoring on the sofa and occasionally I'd let him out to wander around outdoors beneath the trees.

The next day I got up early with the sunlight streaming in from the skylight over the bed. I took my time making breakfast then packed Tyrion into the car for a trip up to Larabee State Park then down south through Deception Pass State Park.

After a long day driving and taking photos I headed back in to La Conner, stopped by a local supermarket then returned to the cabin to take a shower and fix dinner. It's so nice to have the time and space to make myself dinner, I rarely get to do this back home. Tyrion enjoyed sniffing around the cabin and eventually curled up under the covers on the sofa. I bring my own blanket from home on these trips so he feels more comfortable but also because pugs shed constantly. 

The next morning I got up before the sun, made coffee and let Tyrion out to enjoy more of the surrounding area while I packed up. My stay at the cabin was relaxing and a nice getaway from the stress of the city. It is wonderful to have a pet friendly place to get away to with a stocked kitchen and all the amenities which makes it feel more like home. 

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Thank you Glamping with Pets we had a wonderful stay!

Tyrion in the Woods by Jana Uyeda

This upcoming weekend is President's Day so I'm planning another vacation in a little cabin in the woods with Tyrion, my favorite adventure companion. 

I enjoy renting cabins and homes because they offer more space, a comfortable environment and access to outdoor activities. Tyrion has a preference for either the beach or the woods and I require wifi in the cabin so I appreciate the ability to search by map region and view specifics about each place. It's also a great way to get out and see more of the pacific northwest.

We have a number of cabin rental options in Washington state so this time I chose Glamping with Pets, an online service which connects adventurers and their four-legged friends with a variety of unique rentals. I've recently become infatuated with A-frame houses so this Cozy Pet-Friendly Holiday Rental Nestled in Woodlands near Bellingham (link removed per GlampingHub request) looks perfect.

I'll bring my cameras this weekend so be sure to check my Instagram frequently. Until then, here are a few of my favorite images from previous adventures.