Bishop Museum Through a Yashica-mat by Jana Uyeda

Big news! I finally purchased a replacement Epson V700!

So why am I not anxiously scanning the rolls upon rolls of unscanned film that have been collecting on my shelf? Well, my weekend project connecting the scanner has grown into a month-long project to re-arrange my office space and living room. I've been buying small bookcases and storage units in every kind of color over the past few years so my home looks a bit mismatched. The Salvation Army will be here in a few weeks to pickup the large desk and other pieces of furniture and I look forward to cleaning out the cobwebs. I am also spending too much time considering new shelving units to properly display my camera collection. 

While this project continues I wanted to share this image of Polynesian clothing taken at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii with my Yashica-mat. Visitors can take down the various outfits, try them on and take pictures of themselves. It's located in Pacific Hall, a newly renovated gallery space dedicated to ancient forms of navigation and the culture of Oceania. Great place and glad to see Bishop Museum get a much-deserved facelift.