Super Isolette - First Roll / by Jana Uyeda

I have been shopping for another medium format folding camera and enjoyed shooting with my Isolette III which I purchased from Jurgen at Certo6 but I wanted a camera with a coupled rangefinder. The Fujifilm GF670 was tempting, especially with the news that new cameras were discovered in a warehouse years after Fujifilm stopped production. The camera is currently retailing at B&H Photo for $2,199.00 so I returned to Certo6 and picked up a Super Isolette for $500.

The Super Isolette is a 6x6 folding camera with a coupled rangefinder and a 75mm f/3.5 Solinar lens. It has an automatic loading system so I just thread in the film leader, snap the back closed and wind until the film counter on top stops at frame 1. There is no need for a red window on the back. I'm assuming this is similar to the Rolleiflex which senses the thickness of film+paper to start the counter at 1. Shooting was easier than the Isolette III because of the coupled rangefinder and I was able to shoot an entire roll in 30 minutes.

Quick tip - The shutter won't fire if film is not loaded in the camera so if you find yourself testing a Super Isolette just know it needs film to properly test the shutter release.

I found some light leaks in the camera and Jurgen has agreed to fix the camera, another reason I prefer to purchase through Certo6. While the camera is in the shop here are a few shots from my first roll of Kodak Portra 400.