Sagrada Familia by Pinhole / by Jana Uyeda

During my trip to Barcelona I had the opportunity to visit the Sagrada Familia, one of the most visited tourist spots and an architectural wonder. 

I arrived just as the sun was setting behind the cathedral, casting a shadow over the entrance. When I walked up the stairs I honestly thought the entrance was a bit grotesque, like a candle dripping and running down its sides. There was so much detail in every available space, it was overwhelming.

The interior was an entirely different experience. The light was pouring through the stained glass windows and the geometry was astounding. 

At the very top of the ceiling, in several areas, there was a kind of fabric that gave the highest points a softer, gossamer like feel. It was a beautiful touch, though I'm sure more practical than I imagined. In the image below, the famous double-twisted columns gave a feeling of walking beneath a shelter of trees.

Jesus told me, before my visit, that I could not imagine the interior and he was right. There are crowds of tourists everywhere, but it's worth all that to experience the immense beauty within. Here is a pinhole looking up towards a cubist sculpture. I'm not entirely sure who or what that sculpture represents, but it's prominent. You can see the tourists' feet below.