A few shots from the Rolleiflex (before it goes for repairs) / by Jana Uyeda

Over the Christmas holiday I shot a number of rolls through my Rolleiflex 2.8D but when I got the film back I realized my favorite camera was skipping 4-5 frames per roll! That's a huge loss, especially with the current price of Kodak films. 

I did a little research to make sure I was loading the film correctly then went out to shoot another two rolls. I shot Ilford HP5+ so I could quickly develop the rolls at home to inspect them and unfortunately I had the same issues. After some discussion with friends (Thank you Shelly) I have decided to send the camera to Dave Easterwood at Dave's Camera Repair in Chelsea, MI. The camera has been with me for several years and I never had it CLA'd so I feel the time has come to send it out for some love and care. 

It may be awhile before I have my camera back so until then, here are some images from the two rolls I shot. These were taken around the University of Washington on a lovely afternoon stroll.