Confession: I am a Rolleiflex addict / by Jana Uyeda

Okay, maybe owning two Rolleis does not make me an addict but after I had sent my first Rolleiflex off for repairs I realized how much I use that camera. Aside from a variety of pinhole cameras the Rolleiflex 2.8D is my go-to camera and without it, I wasn't sure what to shoot with. I have another, slower, TLR but it's prone to flares and I can give you a million excuses why I don't want to shoot 35mm.

Luckily Dave at Dave's Camera Repair called to say he can fix the focus, film advance issues and possibly attach a replacement magnifier which had been missing since I got the camera. He prefers to speak with customers over the phone and I'm afraid I may have gone on and on about other cameras in my home that are in dire need of servicing. Dave laughed and said he could certainly help me out. Repair shops are few and hard to find so I'm excited to have Dave working on my cameras. 

About a week later, I ventured to the Puget Sound Photographic Collectors Society annual swap meet which is one of the largest camera shows on the west coast. My friend Espresso Buzz took photos on his Instagram here and here. In that second shot you can see a row of Rolleiflexes, my kryptonite! The seller had a Rolleiflex 2.8E that looked cosmetically worn but the glass was clear, the parts were clean and it even had the magnifier to fine tune focus. Nate talked him down in price and I swooped in with the cash. 

Here are a few shots from my second Rolleiflex, an impulse buy at the PSPCS which worked out! Phew. Now I can relax while my other Rollei gets cleaned up.