Wawamalu beach park sunrise / by Jana Uyeda

Mornings in Honolulu are my absolute favorite. The streets are quiet, the temperatures are cooler and everyone is asleep in the house. My neighborhood coffee shop opens at 5:30 a.m. so it's easy to grab a latte and croissant for the road.

Wawamalu beach park sits next to the more famous Sandy beach park and has a brief white sand beach along a more rugged, rocky shoreline. It's right at the tip of the southern most point of O'ahu and is the perfect location to watch the sunrse. 

When shooting water with pinhole I try to look for water features or large rocks to add interest to the image. Water flowing over rocks and trees is much more dramatic. At Wawamalu beach park the rocky shore was perfect, especially as the Hawaiian sun rose and the small pools of water turned to liquid gold. I went every morning, weather permitting and looked for new angles with each visit. Here are a few favorites. Mahalo!