Pinhole Day 2014 / by Jana Uyeda

For WPPD 2014 this year I got together with some friends, shot a few rolls of film then proceeded directly to a bar for drinks. I used Kodak Ektar in my trusty Zero Image 6x9 and opted for 6x6 frames. You may be wondering what, exactly, is going on in these frames, but don't worry I'll do my best to explain.

Fisher Price: My friend has a toddler and is attempting to teach her photography with this cute little camera. Behind you can see Jeff making preparations with his pinhole. 

Lawn mower: Jeff has wanted to experiment with lawn equipment for some time and finally got to test out a few pinhole concepts. He and Jeremy discuss setups with various rakes, shovels and this lawn mower. You can see Jeff's results here and here.

Sportsball: The lawn was filled with pinhole opportunities, so why not make this image with a big orange ball. Jeremy explained this is a basketball. Apparently.