World Cup, Impossible Project and other excuses / by Jana Uyeda

Hullo all!

I've been meaning to update my blog recently but have been in the throes of World Cup mania and a few other distractions. Initially I stopped shooting because my film scans were discouraging me. My Epson V700 has been producing scan lines, consistently, on every frame, despite all my attempts to remove every particle of dust. After looking into several options I decided the best solution would be to purchase a new scanner. They aren't cheap so I'll need to wait a few months, possibly into November or December.

Meanwhile I haven't stopped shooting! I've made the transition to Polaroid, The Impossible Project and instant film thanks to the combined efforts of Alex, Shelly and Nate. I got an SX70 from Alex, had it cleaned up at Rare Medium then proceeded to bombard Shelly and Nate with Impossible questions. Nate was kind enough to send me several boxes of Impossible film to get me started. I've been sharing most of these images to my Instagram account, but here are a few of my favorites.