The Schlem's CoffeeCam / by Jana Uyeda

I had the opportunity to meet briefly with Todd Schlemmer, maker and designer of the P6*6 pinhole at a photography meetup in Ballard last week. The P6*6 was the first 3D printed camera I'd used and it produces great results. Though we didn't get to talk much at the meetup, Todd handed me his newest creation to test, the CoffeeCam, which features two pinholes, a new shutter system and two tripod mounts.

On Saturday morning my friend Espresso Buzz and I took turns exposing film with this exciting new camera. He got some stunning images for his 52 Rolls Project but I took some additional photos on Sunday and much preferred the results of my second day.

Here's a roll of 120 in the CoffeeCam:


Here is a sheet of Ilford HP5+ 4x5: