The Vermeer anamorphic pinhole camera / by Jana Uyeda


I put together my first thoughts on the Vermeer anamorphic pinhole for so please be sure to head over and check it out. There are a number of pinhole photographer interviews (Pinholistas) and there's a Pinholista meetup being organized for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2014 in Amsterdam!

After shooting a few more rolls in the Vermeer anamorph today I have some additional tips for shooting with this very unusual camera.

- Be ready for questioning looks and the occasional person who asks about your camera.

- Tape sighting lines on the box, following the light from pinhole to film plane.

- Keep the take-up spool slack to prevent loose rolls.

- Advance the film slowly to prevent bending and tighten with both spools.

- Look for long, straight lines and clean geometry.

- A tripod and sandbag are mandatory, anamorphs sit at odd angles during exposure.

- Closer objects will have stronger distortions, even bending floors in half.

I'll be bringing the anamorph with me back home for the holidays and look forward to exploring with my new toy. Thanks for stopping by today and see you online!