Shooting the FPP Debonair in Fremont / by Jana Uyeda

Every weekend the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle hosts the Sunday Street Fair, a gathering of local artisans and crafters selling unique finds, curious antiques and handmade goods. What makes this street fair unique is the antiques market in the underground parking lots. They display the oddest collection of vintage margarine yellow suitcases and pocket watches and other things from Grandma's curio cabinet. I hadn't been back in years until some friends decided to organize a medium format stroll. I dusted off my Film Photography Podcast Debonair and grabbed my Holga close-up filters and joined in the fun. The Debonair is a lovely $20 plastic camera (my review here) and the Holga filters fit onto the lens perfectly.

For these images I used both the 120mm and the 60mm close up filter and carried a retractable measuring tape with the distances marked off. I was shooting Kodak Ektar 100 on a sunny day but kept my meter handy to make sure I wouldn't under-expose the film. Since the Debonair doesn't have a bulb mode I needed to be extra cautious. Developed by the wonderful Citizen's Photo in Portland, Oregon. Trying to keep it local and they are fantastic!

Here are some of my favorites from that roll. Enjoy and have a great Labor Day Weekend!