IR Pinhole: Another Hot Mess / by Jana Uyeda

It's been a tough month and a half for my photographic pursuits and I'll admit to feeling a bit lost these days. I haven't been focused on any projects and when I finally picked up a camera again I'd forgotten a few things like watching for horizon lines and tilting the camera up to play with dimensions. The resulting images were uninspiring which didn't compel me to keep shooting with either my Zero Image or the Bob Rigby. Weirdly I purchased a new lens for my Fuji Xpro1 this weekend as I'm conceptualizing a series of photos around my new pug. Yes, #puglife has overtaken my life and is even starting to influence my photography. Have you ever tried to pinhole a pet? It's impossible, no wonder I'm turning to digital.

This weekend I headed out to Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, a Federal preserve popular with conservationists and bird photographers with giant camouflage-wrapped lenses. I shot 3 sheets of Ektar 4x5 and 5 sheets of IR with my Bob Rigby so it was a very productive afternoon. Here's one of the first sheets I exposed while walking out during high tide. The sun was on my left and you can see the dramatic results. I don't object to sun flares but right now I'm working on getting a nice, clean image so this was a bit frustrating to see. I have several other sheets to develop however, so I think my next few shots will be cleaner.

What have you been up to? I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping up on your blogs, I'm slowly returning to WordPress.