The woods are lovely / by Jana Uyeda

Just over 3 years ago I picked up a camera and started making images. I had been experimenting with film-making a year earlier but found that it didn't quite suit me. Storyboarding and the process of recording and editing video and audio was too much for me, so I sold off my video camera and considered some different options. I still wanted to capture images so eventually I decided to buy a DSLR, one of those big cameras I saw people using over at Pike Place Market. The first DSLR I picked up was a Nikon D5000, you can even see my first image from it here: Flowers After I bought that camera I learned to understand exposure, aperture, shutter speeds, etcetera, but returned to film when my Aunt gave me her Nikon FG. I loved it and began shooting film more and more until I eventually sold off my Nikon gear. I started shooting Holgas and Lomo cameras and eventually picked up a pinhole. The funny thing is, even after I'd decided that I wanted to focus on photography, I realized there were still so many more creative directions to consider.

Ok, so I'm a photographer, I shoot film and I prefer pinhole cameras, but there are so many paths ahead of me still. As a pinhole photographer I recognize how broad the scope of pinhole imaging is and that's exciting. It's been a great first 3 years with my cameras and I look forward to more experimentation, discussion and growth.

Here are my favorite photos I took during my long weekend at Olympic National Park. Enjoy!

early morning walk

lake crescent

its log