WPPD updates to come / by Jana Uyeda

WPPD selfieHi everyone, how's your project coming along? After a very productive few weeks following Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day I've been spending time developing my film and sending some rolls to the lab. Lots of freshly developed work to scan in before the 5/31/2013 WPPD deadline. I'll update this blog with this year's submission in a few days.

All the scanning is certainly enough to keep me busy but the next few weekends will be especially fun. Nate Matos from Pdexposures is coming up from Portland for a #BelieveInFilm stroll around Seattle and it looks like it will be a busy day. If you're in Seattle, please come out, shoot a roll with friends and have a beer with us! We are meeting on Sunday at 11 a.m. PST at Caffe Fiore in Ballard.

I'm also working on improving my anamorphic soup can pinhole camera. I'd like to have more cans prepared. One roll of 120 should have enough film to load four cans then I can experiment and take notes. I'm going to leave some tape on the outside of the can so I know where the film seam is and hope to place the actual anamorphic curve in the middle of the film. Then I'm going to take notes about the angle of the camera to understand how to frame my images through the pinhole.

For now, as I work through a few more pinhole scans, I'm sharing a self portrait I took at the Olympic Sculpture Park on WPPD. You can see the Space Needle behind me.

Cheers and mahalo for stopping by!

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