Building an anamorphic pinhole / by Jana Uyeda

Happy Monday! I hope your first week of May was fun and productive. I had a great weekend and successfully built my own anamorphic pinhole camera. Until this point the only other success I've had building anything was an IKEA tv stand which still has one loose wheel. There are some informative articles and schematics online for anamorphic pinhole cameras including this lovely wooden camera by Matt Bechberger. The diagram he provided especially helped me understand how this unique camera captures such exaggerated curves on the film plans. His camera was a bit more involved and required more technical skill than I have so I dug a little deeper and found the Cyclops Camera from Brian J. Krummel.

The soup can camera is incredibly cost effective. The Campbell's soup was $3, a can of flat black spray paint was $4 and the other items like cardboard, gaffers tape and aluminum from a soda can came from around my house. I did make one change from Brian Krummel's instructions and included the pinhole in the soup can lid. Hammering a hole through the bottom of the aluminum can proved too much for my skill level.

Here's my completed soup can camera:

soup can camera

Here's my first attempt at shooting with it:

test roll

There are some improvements to be made including my use of tape to secure the roll of film inside the soup can. I also need to learn more about positioning the camera and securing the can to my tripod. Bungee cords or putty may help.