Rainy trek through the tulips / by Jana Uyeda

Last Sunday I drove up to Mount Vernon, Washington to the Roozengaarde tulip fields even though it was raining heavily that morning. Some days I just like to go for long drives and see things I normally wouldn't because of so-called inclement weather. Due to the rain, the normal haggle of tulip visitors were not walking through the fields so I had the entire mud soaked area to myself. I wore my large raincoat, tucked the Rolleiflex 2.8D under my coat zipper and walked out into some seriously swamp-like tulip fields. I had a great time though I didn't spend much time out there. My hands were freezing and wet and I was worried about too much moisture coming into contact with my camera. After shooting a single roll of Kodak Ektar I headed back towards my car and returned home.

Because it was cloudy and overcast, I had to shoot the Rolleiflex at it's widest aperture and really love the depth of field. I'm hoping to head back up when the weather is a bit better and shoot some macros and pinholes as well.

Happy spring fellow shooters. Mahalo!

muddy fields

the fields

more fields

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