Scanning Experiments / by Jana Uyeda

I took a little time off and haven't been shooting or developing any film for a few weeks. It feels good. Every once in awhile I like to step back and leave the cameras at home. This week a friend has been talking about flatbed scanners which had me thinking about the first rolls of film that I scanned on my first scanner - the CanoScan 8800f. A year later I decided to invest in an Epson V700 and never did any tests to see how the 8800f scans compared to the V700.

I should add that I haven't looked into scanning software like VueScan or SilverFast and have been using only the Epson scanner software. Originally I purchased the V700 because I wanted to scan in old family photos and the 8800f was awful. It also didn't handle scanning in color positive film, like my family's Kodachrome archives, very well. I've been happy with the scans I've gotten from my V700 but now I'm curious to see how the scans compare. So here are some side by sides of medium format film from my original 8800f and my current V700. I didn't see much difference but I zoomed into some details and started to see a a few more details and tones.

What are your thoughts?

Holga - 8800f

Holga V700

Holga 8800f crop

Holga V700 crop