Clearing out some pinholes / by Jana Uyeda

I'm attempting to cleanup my hard drive in preparation for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and it's proven to be a daunting task. I hope you're all planning to participate in this event which is scheduled for April 28, 2013. Whether you're a film shooter, digital shooter or both, none of that matters really. I just want to see what you're creating and where pinhole experimentation is taking you! I have a few more shots of interiors from the abandoned motel I visited a few weeks back and thought I'd post them tonight. I enjoyed an unusually productive day at this place and there are still a few more rolls for me to develop on my shelf.

room 14


Tomorrow my friend is selling me an aluminum lazy susan and I am eager to revisit my dim sum experimentation. I borrowed one from a friend and tried to tape down a can of beer and 35mm cartridge, but they weren't secure enough. It's time I started carrying a lazy susan with me the way most photographers would carry a tripod.

colbys house

More to come. Mahalo!