Let's See How Things Go / by Jana Uyeda

photoWith all the hoopla going on about the Instagram terms of service, the much improved Flickr iOS app (finally) and the re-emergence of the new MySpace, I decided to make a few changes. My Instagram account will remain open but not active. I'm not leaving IG so much because of their TOS pubic relations debacle, but because the spammers on that network have been overbearing. With deeper Facebook integration, I imagine it will only get worse.

I haven't figured out how my *new* MySpace account factors into all this, but I still prefer to keep my film/pinhole work separate from my iPhone images. I'll give EyeEm a test run as you'll notice I rarely post iPhone photos to Flickr.

For my #igers_seattle and #wearejuxt images I've moved, for now, to: www.eyeem.com/u/JanaObscura