Back at Suzzallo with the Zero Image 25B / by Jana Uyeda

Zero Image 25B / Ilford HP5+ / Developed by Panda Labs Zero Image 25B / Ilford HP5+ / Developed by Panda Labs

One of my favorite pinhole images so far has been my Suzzallo Library image, so when I borrowed my friend's Zero Image 25B I headed back over to those stairs.

The first shot is from the railings above the stairs and is my favorite because it has the least distortion. Maybe I just wasn't ready for this kind of altered reality, but I wrote more on that on my previous 4x5 pinhole post.

The second is from the top of the handrail, the same location as my previous pinholes of the Suzzallo Library stairs. The shadowy figure on the left is a gentleman who walked over to ask me about the camera.

This week I also wrote a post on pinhole photography for the amazing #BelieveInFilm community. Be sure to check them out and promote film photography! Have a great weekend and happy shooting.