Costco pinholes, take two / by Jana Uyeda

Well I have to admit my second attempt at photographing Costco with my pinhole camera did not come out as I had hoped. It took several attempts when I first began this experiment before I finally achieved a black and white pinhole of a shopping cart that I could be proud of. I wanted to create more. I shot a color roll this time and was in a different area of Costco so the overhead lights didn't feature as strongly in the final image. The camera was also in the child seat and not angled up from the bottom of the shopping cart. I was probably, ironically, feeling rushed. I didn't think and just velcro-ed the camera onboard. What's frustrating is that when I saw these rolls, I knew what I had done wrong. I can even say I felt that it wasn't a successful roll when I delivered it to Panda Labs.

Absolutely my fault. When I have too many distractions, I forget the small details and that's where I goof up. It's also how I learn and find new ways to see with my pinhole. In this case, however, I was too quick and didn't really consider my shot. Another lesson learned and another opportunity to grow.

The second shot was taken on the same day when I thought I'd experiment by placing my camera on the pile of raw meat. After all, this was Costco! Enjoy and mahalo!