Fall colors through a shattered lens filter / by Jana Uyeda

The colors in Seattle this fall have been unusually vibrant and I've gone out on a few excursions to attempt to capture the season on film. Although I have a lot of fresh film on hand, I wanted to shoot through a drawer full of expired film that I'd bought from a guy up in Bellingham. He didn't know how old most of the film was and couldn't tell me whether it was held in cold storage or not. I love playing with expired film so I feel fortunate to have a drawer of this stuff. A few weekends ago, I packed up a roll of expired Fuji Sensia 100 from my refrigerator drawer, loaded it into my Nikon F3HP, and set it to underexpose by 1/3 stop. Before meeting with Espresso Buzz in the Volunteer Park Conservatory which I mentioned earlier, I met with JSod at the Japanese Gardens and exposed a few frames.

When I first pulled the F3HP from my bag I took off the lens cap and started shooting away with it. After a few frames I pulled it up to inspect the lens and realized that the skylight filter had shattered. There were a few frantic moments as I shook the glass off the lens to inspect the 85mm for damage. Everything was fine. Thank goodness it was only the filter that shattered but it's too bad because I love the images the broken glass created. Check out this japanese maple tree shot:

I went back to this japanese maple tree after removing the shattered filter from my lens and took another shot:

There are a lot more images and some additional frames which I exposed at the Volunteer Park Conservatory but I'll save those for later.

Have you played with expired film? I'm considering cross processing some of these shots, though the extreme colors it produces can sometimes be too much for my taste. Stay warm, stay safe and thanks for your time today.