Prayers on the road to pinhole salvation / by Jana Uyeda

I had noticed the occasional loose roll when loading and re-loading my Zero Image but didn't think much of it as I quickly tightened the roll and tucked it into the dark recesses of my camera bag. They weren't terrible, just loose enough where the edge of the film went beyond the protection of the spool. Does that make sense? I know you roll film shooters will understand. Here are a few shots to illustrate:

In any case, I went on a quick day trip out to Mount Baker last weekend and took my beloved Zero Image. The first roll of Ektar that I exposed and pulled from the camera was incredibly loose. Enough that the film was loose even at the center of the spool. Frightening stuff! I took a look at the metal tension piece in the camera to bend it closer towards the take up spool and shot another roll. Still loose! By this time I was starting to panic a little. I'm horrible at technical things like cutting or drilling or anything of that nature. So I tightened the metal piece again and am nearly done with a roll of HP5+.

I have a great trip to the Olympic National Park planned tomorrow so it's especially important to have my favorite camera in shape for the adventures ahead. Cross your fingers everything works well after this last attempt to improve tension in the camera.