Finding the abstract in everyday things / by Jana Uyeda

I have a confession to make. I love macro photography. One of the challenges that pushed me to pick up a camera was the idea of playing with unique perspectives of everyday things. Although I've tried shooting nature shots, I'm not interested in shooting macros of bees or butterflies. Instead, I like to get in close with the objects I see around me on a daily basis. For my final black and white project at PCNW, I focused on creating interesting abstractions with forks. I played with light, contrast and texture. Here are a few examples of my Forks project. You can see a few more at my Flickr page.

I bring this up because I find myself returning to macro shots often, getting in closer to objects to find interesting contrasts and abstract shapes. This weekend I was fortunate to spend time with two other Seattle-based pinhole photographers and we walked through the Volunteer Park Conservatory with our cameras. We spent a lot of time in a room filled with succulents and I wanted to get in closer.

However, if you read my previous post on playing with distortions, getting closer to a subject with the pinhole does not result in a tighter, close-up final image. I was about one inch away from the spiny succulent below. Notice the extreme angles the pinhole created with the plant.

I just dropped off 9 rolls to Panda Labs so I'm looking forward to scanning in more images to share with you. Have you experimented with macro photography? What kind of projects are you working on during the winter months? I look forward to seeing your work and as always, mahalo for your time.