Last sunset pinhole in Seattle / by Jana Uyeda

A few weeks ago some friends wanted to venture into Discovery Park for some light painting and I came along to shoot the sunset. The clouds were incredible that evening, sweeping over my head in dramatic angles, so I was hopeful that I didn't overexpose my shots. This was also the last color pinhole roll I shot of the sunset in Seattle.  It was a challenge shooting more than a few frames that night because the light dropped so quickly!

Seattle has become grey, rainy and overcast once again but I have these rolls of recently developed film to scan in.  I can relive the intense sunsets from the waning days of summer.

Since it's fall season now I'm considering switching to a faster speed black and white film.  That probably means I'll be stocking up on my favorite HP5+ and developing them at home.  I tend to think of Seattle as a perpetually 400 ASA black and white city.  Hope you're out capturing images of fall in your area, it's the season I love best. Mahalo!