Journey to Olympic National Park / by Jana Uyeda

A few months ago, in May I think it was, I ventured out to the Olympic National Park on my first ever visit to the beautiful Olympic peninsula. I don't know why it took me so long to make the trip because I've seen so many gorgeous shots from its deep green forests and saturated mountains. In any case, once I made up my mind in May, I packed my Holga 120 pan and a pocketful of film then headed out. Below are two shots from the Quinault Forest on the edge of the Olympic National Park. The wide 16x9 panorama of the Holga 120Pan makes this one of my favorite medium format cameras and it really gives a sense of how lush and expansive this forest is. I love the blur of the ferns at the edge of the frames and the dark corners which draw my eyes towards the bridge in the center. This Holga can capture a surprising amount of detail and sharpness towards the center of its lens which also draws my attention.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my pinhole camera at the time, but I'll be heading back out to the Hoh Rainforest at the end of October and intend to shoot at least 4 rolls of Kodak Ektar while I'm out there. I'll probably bring this camera again as it was the perfect camera for hiking. It's light, entirely made of plastic and doesn't require battery power.

I hope I stumble across more bridges when I return to the Olympic National Park, but even if I come across this same spot, I have some better ideas on how I'd like to capture it. Funny how I always come back from my excursions with some developed rolls and think, "I'll need to go back and take that shot again."