Morning commute with my pinhole / by Jana Uyeda

A few months ago I started taking the West Seattle Water Taxi to work in downtown Seattle. There were a few reasons I decided to test my sea legs. First, I had just learned that Marination, my favorite Korean-Hawaiian food truck, would be opening a brick and mortar restaurant at Seacrest Park. Then WSDOT started their disruptive bridge and roadway construction, including re-routes, delays and street closures, and I saw the advantage of commuting via Water Taxi. When I realized that I could park my car on the street along Seacrest Park all day for free, I stopped driving to work and threw away my bus timetables. Who wouldn't want to start their mornings with this view:

My pinhole camera is always with me, so I started experimenting with it while taking my commute to and from West Seattle. I balanced it on handrails, passenger seats, window sills, stairways and anywhere I could find an interesting angle from a flat surface. I didn't have any preconceived notions in my head, it was all completely new to me. The first few rolls from the Water Taxi were surprising and really kick-started my imagination. I started looking around me to see what was possible with pinholes during my daily commutes.

This shot came from a weird, Japanese 35mm 3D plastic pinhole camera which I borrowed from a friend. It was a typically grey morning, so I setup the camera indoors and allowed it to shake a bit. I've gotten more and more comfortable with the motion blur in my frames from the Water Taxi.

I've got more film to scan in so hopefully I'll have another post up this weekend. Until then happy shooting and mahalo!