Overcast skies return to Seattle / by Jana Uyeda

The skies in Seattle have returned to their usual grey, overcast state and I am glad to see it. I would love to see more interesting clouds but I like the diffused light of the sun and the cool temperatures of fall.

I took the Zero Image on a quick spin through Greenlake Park last week, on a particularly grey afternoon when the rain had just stopped. It's a popular spot for runners, kayakers, fishermen, dog walkers and just about anyone else in the Seattle area. Noone swims in this lake, but the lifeguard stands remain.

Pinholes capture an infinite depth of field so everything remains in focus, though it's not a crisp, sharp focus which you're more familiar with from modern cameras. The camera also creates amazing distortions when I place it very close to the subject. In this instance, I placed the camera on a tripod 5 inches away from the front of the chair leg.

I'll work on uploading some new photos soon. Until then, mahalo!