Quick post: Plastic cameras in the sky! / by Jana Uyeda

I have four rolls of 120 film from my Zero Image being developed by Panda Lab right now, so today I spent some time developing a roll of black and white at home. Some day I'll learn how to develop my own C-41 rolls, but for now I mostly enjoy the ease of having a professional lab do it for me.

The images from this roll of black and white were shot with a Superheadz Wide and Slim camera. It's a cheap, plastic, wide angle camera that I can only use during the summer or when there's enough light for aperture f/22. There isn't a tripod mount, a flash shoe or a bulb mode, so I'm limited to shooting at f/22 and a shutter speed of 1/125 exclusively.

It was the perfect camera earlier this summer when Seattle opened it's own Great Wheel by the arcade along the waterfront. My friend and I went down on opening day and took pictures as the wheel circled above the Seattle skyline.

This weekend I hope to scan in more of my Ektar pinhole work. I hope you've got great plans for shooting over the weekend and look forward to seeing them. Till then, mahalo!