Capturing the Space Needle through a pinhole / by Jana Uyeda

The Space Needle is possibly the most iconic landmark within the city of Seattle besides Pike Place Market, our ferry systems and the ever present cup of Starbucks coffee. Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State building in New York City or the Tower of London in London, it has been photographed over and over and over by tourists and residents alike.

So of course, I wanted to capture it with my Zero Image.

Sure, the Space Needle has been shot on film before, but has it been pinholed? To answer this question, I did a search for ‘Space Needle’ in the Flickr Group Pinhole Photography and found 13 other images. Three images were submitted by me, six by a photographer friend (a serious camera addict) and two others by local photographers I’ve met or know of in the Pacific Northwest. This means out of a pool of 8,889 members submitting 66,980 pinhole photos, a search for ‘Space Needle’ resulted in 13 images, 11 of which were submitted by people I know, not tourists. That is cool.

Anthony Bourdain, on his visit to the Pacific Northwest for No Reservations, used one word to describe us: Obsessed. He said we pick one thing and get really, really good at it. I believe Bourdain is right. I’ve met some pretty obsessed photographers in the area.

For my pinhole of the Space Needle above, I balanced the Zero Image on the concrete pavement and titled it up using the toe of my shoe.  If you see camera shake, you're right.  This was probably my second roll in the camera so I wasn’t quite sure if I’d aligned it properly.  I love the dramatic perspective of the building and the clouds above it.  I plan on heading back to the Space Needle sometime soon to shoot a roll of color film before winter is upon us.

I may be a little obsessed.